Kimberley is known by her clients and friends as a woman who comes from heart. She has been described as eloquent and humorous.

Kimberley’s mission in life is to be of service to others by giving them a hand-up and helping them to move forward in their personal lives.

Writing and creating her works of art, has always been her passion. “Someone once asked me what I would do if I had all the money I needed,” she explained, “I told them I would write and pursue my art!”

She is the author of the books, “The Evolving Woman Series…Daily Reflections” © 2004 and “The Evolving Woman Series Daily Reflections, What Lies Beneath the Mask” © 2018. The women portrayed in this book wear many faces, including the Creative Woman, Controlling Woman, Giving Woman and the Gossiping Woman; just to name a few! Kimberley wrote the book to help women who are in need of healing and moving forward in their lives. The book, covers 31 days of daily reflections and includes exercises.

“Not all of the women in the book are pretty, and made of sugar and spice,” she added, “We all wear different masks. I’ve had readers tell me that they have been comprised of several of these women throughout their lives.”

While there are those who will joke about being run over by a bus, Kimberley has experienced this first hand, and it’s the inspiration behind her next book, “Lessons Learned From Being Run Over by a Bus!

“I was run over by a bus on March 26, 2007,” she explained, “and this book will involve stories from contributors who have faced difficult circumstances and pulled through them! Many people, especially with the trying times we’re currently living in, need more inspiration and hope!” Those interested in contributing can contact her at kimberleyannla@hotmail.ca .

Kimberley was born in Newmarket, Ontario and moved to Calgary with her family when she was a teenager. She studied Journalism at Mount Royal College before moving on to the University of Calgary where she majored in English Literature.

She has been interviewed by femail.com.au, the CEN News, High River Online and the High River Times.  She was formerly the Fashion Editor of Today’s Business Woman Magazine, and her work has been published in both magazines and newspapers.  Kimberley also contributed to the book, “1000 Tips for Teenagers” © 2012, published by Kelly Falardeau.  Her blog is found at: https://kimberleylangfordauthor.com/

When she’s not writing or creating her multi-media pieces, Kimberley can be found watching a movie, reading or volunteering within her community.  She enjoys walking, gardening, and spending time with her son and friends. She resides in High River, Alberta.

Kimberley can be contacted at: kimberleyannla@hotmail.ca. and on Facebook at: “Fans of Kimberley Langford Author.”