What Lies Beneath YOUR Mask?

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How would you describe the mask you’re wearing today?

Would you say it reveals who you truly are and how you’re really feeling?

Are you an Empowered Woman? Do you feel strong and courageous and ready to step outside of your comfort zone, deep down inside?

Or are you wearing the mask of a Happy Woman when deep down inside you’re feeling depressed, worried or anxious?

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Self Starting Woman

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Initiative. It takes initiative to become a Self-Starting Woman. It takes drive. It takes courage. It means having self-respect, a strong sense of self-worth, and knowing that one has value!

The Self-Starting Woman is someone who is constantly metamorphosing. I think of Madonna, the actress and singer. She knows who she is and where she wants to go! She isn’t afraid to try something new. She may face criticism or be misunderstood, but she is true to herself. She knows what she wants!

In order to be a Self-Starting Woman, it is vital that she possesses healthy self-esteem. Those who play the role of victim, martyr, or have a poverty mindset are not usually self-starters.

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Why Starting Over was my ONLY option!

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I knew I had to make a drastic change. In fact, my life depended on it.

I had lost my job and my Employment Benefits were soon running out. I live in a province that is heavily dependent on the Oil and Gas industry for employment and the recent recession had hit everyone pretty hard.  Good paying jobs had become a scarcity and there weren’t too many people who were able to find even low paying jobs.  The number of unemployed people had hit an all time high, so it seemed, and I had become one of those statistics. I felt alone, afraid and worried that I might end up living on the streets if I didn’t find some sort of a reprieve and soon.

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Kelly Woodhouse Falardeau: From Near Death to Success!

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Kelly Woodhouse Falardeau is more than a burn survivor.  She is relentless in helping others overcome their challenges and traumas through her books, paintings, public speaking and more.

At the age of 2, a house fire caused burns to 75% of her body.  Kelly then underwent several surgeries and faced ridicule, along with being bullied, shunned and avoided by her peers and others. 

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Toxic People Are Alive And Well On Planet Earth

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For most of us, having to deal with at least one toxic person during our lifetime is a given.  They could include family members, members of our church, classmates, coworkers, and our neighbours.  The snarky check out clerk we seem to run into every time we’re at our favourite store, whose negative attitude greatly diminishes our shopping experience may also be viewed as toxic.  Let’s look at some of the adjectives I’ve heard used to describe these folks:

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I Survived Being Run Over By A Bus!

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By Kimberley Langford

What Happened….

It was March 26, 2007, just 6 days after my 41st birthday.  The weather was nice for a spring day, and not too cold although a thin layer of snow covered the ground.

Like every other weekday, I took the bus into the downtown core of the city where I lived, Calgary Alberta.

Just as I had done for many mornings during the commute, I wrote in my journal.  It was when I was writing that I had the feeling that I needed to pray for protection. I didn’t know why but I felt better when I did.  A few moments later, the bus pulled up to my stop and I got off.

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Martyred Woman

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There are two types of Martyred Woman. Joan of Arc was a martyred

woman. She fought and died for her beliefs. She wanted to right the
wrongs that she saw happening. Not only was she brave, she was an
ano maly when it came to the women of her day.

The second type of martyred woman is a cunning and manipulative
person. She may act like she is innocent, but she knows what she is
doing. She will use her “victim status” to get what she wants, and
may succeed in this by crying to elicit the sympathy of others, or by
emotionally blackmailing them to get her needs met.

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DAY ELEVEN…. Giving Woman

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Giving Woman’s joy is contagious and everyone she meets is touched by it. She is filled with laughter, hope and strength. She is a woman of integrity and she empowers others. Giving woman knows how to forgive and gives of her time and talents.

Each of us can find Giving Woman in us. A Giving Woman gives life, whether it’s by giving birth to a child, or by creating something for herself or others. Giving Woman knows the difference between giving of herself and giving herself away. The former means that she gives a hand-up and not a handout, and she does not allow herself to be taken in by the emotional vampires of the world. The latter means that she gives away parts of herself and plays the role of victim. Giving Woman gives to herself as well. She can accomplish this in the way she communicates with her soul. She gives to herself by becoming healthy and whole. She knows that her life has meaning and value.

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