DAY ELEVEN…. Giving Woman

By November 16, 2017Kimber

Giving Woman’s joy is contagious and everyone she meets is touched by it. She is filled with laughter, hope and strength. She is a woman of integrity and she empowers others. Giving woman knows how to forgive and gives of her time and talents.

Each of us can find Giving Woman in us. A Giving Woman gives life, whether it’s by giving birth to a child, or by creating something for herself or others. Giving Woman knows the difference between giving of herself and giving herself away. The former means that she gives a hand-up and not a handout, and she does not allow herself to be taken in by the emotional vampires of the world. The latter means that she gives away parts of herself and plays the role of victim. Giving Woman gives to herself as well. She can accomplish this in the way she communicates with her soul. She gives to herself by becoming healthy and whole. She knows that her life has meaning and value.

She does not allow herself to constantly fall into the trap of self sabotage.

She knows only too well the ramifications of this. Self-sabotage

means she takes away from herself and her life. It means

that she cannot move forward and give of herself to others. It also

stops her from reaching her full potential.


Giving Woman is loved and respected by those who know her. And,

everyone she meets wants to know her more.


Thought for the Day: I am a giving woman!


Exercise for the Day: Part of being a Giving Woman means giving

to one self. This can entail giving ourselves encouragement and not

falling prey to our inner critic. It can mean choosing healthy food and

exercising. What are you going to give yourself today?


Excerpt from the book, “The Evolving Woman Series…Daily Reflections” © 2004 by Kimberley Langford.


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