Martyred Woman

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There are two types of Martyred Woman. Joan of Arc was a martyred

woman. She fought and died for her beliefs. She wanted to right the
wrongs that she saw happening. Not only was she brave, she was an
ano maly when it came to the women of her day.

The second type of martyred woman is a cunning and manipulative
person. She may act like she is innocent, but she knows what she is
doing. She will use her “victim status” to get what she wants, and
may succeed in this by crying to elicit the sympathy of others, or by
emotionally blackmailing them to get her needs met.

Very often, she does not want to change. And why should she? There

always seems to be someone available who she can use. She gets

these people into her deceptive web by using her charm. She will often

fi nd out what their weakness is and use it to her full advantage.


Martyred Woman does not know how much she is missing out on, in

life. She does not live life to the fullest, and often she has gained many

of her so-called achievements by riding on the coattails of others, and

using her emotional blackmail technique. She is closely related to the

victim and manipulative woman.


She will often bemoan and bewail the misfortunes in her life, and how

bad it has been. There have been so many people, she says, who

have done her in. She may be sick a lot and need someone’s help.

She may consistently regale her friends and family with stories about

how bad her life has been. If someone refuses to help her out, she

will usually moan, sigh, cry and tell them how they have hurt her.


For the most part, Martyred Woman does not have many friends. And

those she does have do not stay with her for a long time.


Thought for the Day: Martyrdom is not an alternative for me.


Exercise for the Day: In what way do you act as a martyr? Think

back to one incident. What was the outcome? What would make you

change from living life as a martyr to becoming responsible for your

own life?

Excerpt from the Book, “The Evolving Woman Series Daily Reflections” © 2004 by Kimberley Langford.

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