Self Starting Woman

By January 29, 2018Kimber

Initiative. It takes initiative to become a Self-Starting Woman. It takes drive. It takes courage. It means having self-respect, a strong sense of self-worth, and knowing that one has value!

The Self-Starting Woman is someone who is constantly metamorphosing. I think of Madonna, the actress and singer. She knows who she is and where she wants to go! She isn’t afraid to try something new. She may face criticism or be misunderstood, but she is true to herself. She knows what she wants!

In order to be a Self-Starting Woman, it is vital that she possesses healthy self-esteem. Those who play the role of victim, martyr, or have a poverty mindset are not usually self-starters.

A Self-Starting Woman is able to fix herself. She is not looking for a White Knight in Shining Armour. She knows better than to put someone on a pedestal as she realizes that people on pedestals usually fall off! She doesn’t have time to put up with the victims, control freaks, or poverty-minded people of the world. If they ask her for a hand-up, she will gladly help them. However, she will not allow herself to be emotionally, spiritually, or physically abused by them.

The Self-Starting Woman may have once found herself in a bottomless pit of despair, where life was a never-ending cycle of pain and abuse. When she realized that it was like that only because she had chosen to perceive it as such, she began to change. And now, change is what drives her. No longer does she allow herself to remain stuck in one place, especially when it does not give her life meaning. She may have had to end an unhealthy relationship, change her habits, or move to another part of the world, but she has made a fresh start on her life!

The Self-Starting Woman is vibrant and life-affirming who sees life as a journey of hope and beauty.

Thought for the Day: I am a Self-Starting Woman

Exercise for the Day: Look at your life as it is right now. What can you do to become more of a Self-Starting Woman? Which parts of your life would you like to start over? How can you accomplish this?

Excerpt from: The Evolving Woman Series Daily Reflections, What Lies Beneath the Mask © 2018, Kimberley Langford, Author.

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