What is an Empowered Woman?

By February 16, 2018Kimber

Day – Twenty-Five Empowered Woman

An Empowered Woman is a Woman with Vision. It starts with a wish that becomes a dream, which she then decides to take action to fulfill.

Many Empowered Women were once Helpless Women. One day, they realized that they could no longer afford to let others rescue them all the time. They had lost themselves, their dreams, and their self-worth by doing that. Each and every one has a True Self residing in our soul and psyche. If we have been abused in any way, we lose touch with her. Each Helpless Woman who has become empowered has gone on a journey into the depths of her soul and been reunited with her True Self!

The Empowered Woman knows her destination and moves forward to reach it.  This destination may be a career goal, starting her own business, or finding a healthy love relationship. She knows her own mind. She is loving, joyful, resourceful, and shrewd.

She is the woman in all of us who is strong, assertive, resilient, persistent, intuitive, delightful, and kind.  She can teach us how to create and manifest our own True Destiny. She knows the meaning of the word abundance. She listens to her heart and follows it.

The Empowered woman comes from a pulsating, life-affirming spirit. She knows that her life is precious and means something!

Thought for the Day: I am an Empowered Woman!

Exercise for the Day: How do you see yourself as an Empowered Woman?  Write down one hundred qualities that an Empowered Woman possesses.

Artwork: “Walk Towards the Flame” by Kimberley Langford

Kimberley Langford is the Author of The Evolving Woman Series Daily Reflections, What Lies Beneath the Mask.  It is sold in Amazon.ca.

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