What Lies Beneath YOUR Mask?

By February 8, 2018Kimber

How would you describe the mask you’re wearing today?

Would you say it reveals who you truly are and how you’re really feeling?

Are you an Empowered Woman? Do you feel strong and courageous and ready to step outside of your comfort zone, deep down inside?

Or are you wearing the mask of a Happy Woman when deep down inside you’re feeling depressed, worried or anxious?

We all wear masks when we appear out in the world and in public. And while they sometimes show who we really are, such as the Empowered Woman who really does feel and believe she can tackle anything that the day throws her, there are those who may “put on” a mask in order to just get through their day. They put it on before they leave the house and go to work, and take it off when they return home at night.

Some of the masks we wear may portray who we want to be or are working at becoming, such as the Priceless Woman or the Happy Woman.

Quite often it’s during the challenging times during our lives, that we may feel we have to wear different masks to conceal what is going on inside. For example, when we’re going through a relationship breakdown.  We don’t want the world to see how we are feeling, such as grief, sadness or despair and so we may wear the mask of the Healthy Woman or Motivated Woman just to get through the day.

It isn’t until we decide that we need to reach out to others such as a counselor, trusted friend or spiritual advisor that we take off these masks to reveal who we really are.  And that’s when we can feel safe enough to wear the mask of the Sador Grieving Woman, for example.

During my drinking days, I would wake up feeling terrible and anxious.  In order to get through my day at work, I would often wear the mask of the Motivated Woman or Empowered Woman yet be worried that people could actually see through it.  It was as if I was only going through the motions.  Inside, I knew I was a mess. I felt less-than, helpless and self-absorbed with my own worries and craving the drink I’d be able to have when I finally got home.

It wasn’t until I faced my addiction head on, that I was able to put those masks aside and confront who I had become.

It’s up to each of us to decide when it’s time to remove those masks that don’t really mirror who we are inside and take an honest inventory.

During my recovery process, I’ve been able to wear the mask of the Empowered Woman and actually feel like I owned it.  It now feels comfortable as does the mask of the Creative Woman and Happy Woman.  I may put on the mask of the Helpless Woman or Sad Woman once in awhile but I don’t wear them for very long, because I’ve learned how to work through those emotions that once had me stuck in a dark place.

Part of changing our masks involves doing some much-needed inner work, and questioning and changing the negative beliefs we have about ourselves. We may also need to muster the courage to change our circumstances, let go of toxic relationships and step outside of the box.

We may do this through journaling, joining a support group or getting counselling.

So, I ask you – what really lies beneath your mask? Is it just a cover that you take off when you’re alone and by yourself, or is it who you really are or are working towards becoming?


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Mask with Butterflies

Artist: Kimberley Langford

Materials: Felt, Ribbon, Bead Work


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